Don't Miss Your Chance!

Small Pearl of Wisdom: Return All Phone Calls.

Several months ago, a woman called into my office saying that she wanted to buy 1,000 acres of farm land. This is an unusual request, indeed, and I briefly contemplated whether I should even return her call. I’m sure we’ll all familiar with the far-fetched prospect calls. My conscious would not let her call go unreturned so I did reach out to her shortly after. Much to my surprise, after meeting she and her husband face to face, it turns out that this was a legitimate investment buyer.

As of today, we have bought over 500 acres of farm land. The woman later told me that she had called several local real estate offices but no one had returned her call. I learned a valuable lesson, take every call seriously. Even the most surprising prospects deserve a bit of time and attention. The greatest relationships and resources can be found in unexpected places.